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Sick Kids Hospital Foundation

In support of SickKids, Progenics established a fundraiser, Support the Right for a Child to Fight, for the SickKids Foundation.

We have raised over $5000 for the SickKids Hospital Foundation regarding the “Art of Giving” in celebration of  Canada’s 151st and Progenics 14th birthday. Progenics had the privilege of becoming “Donor of the Week“.

We welcomes donations from non-clients and existing clients. All proceeds will go towards  the SickKids Foundation.

To donate, click here!

Directed Donation Program

Our Directed Donation Program allows parents to donate their baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells to a family member who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease that can be treated with stem cell transplant (excluding diseases being treated with stem cells under clinical trials). This program is  complimentary for Canadian residents only .

The service is complimentary if the family member meets the following criteria:

1. He/she is a sibling or parent of the baby.
2. His/her attending transplant physician agrees that cord blood stem cells can be used for their treatment.

Upon Progenics’ request, supporting documentation from a transplant physician must be provided in order to qualify for free cord blood banking. The service and storage remain free as long as the family member is in need. Shipping and other applicable fees may apply.

North York General Foundation

Progenics is a proud supporter of the North York General Hospital Foundation

Referral Program

Client Referral Program

Refer a friend or relative who successfully banked their baby’s cord blood with us and you will receive one year storage fee waived for one child’s cord blood. The new client that you refer will also receive one year storage fee waived. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. The discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

To obtain storage fee waived for one year referring a friend or relative, the new client must provide your name and contact number (primary phone number is preferred) upon registration. She may enter the information when she registers online, or provide us with the details when she registers over the phone, or in person. When she registers using our registration package, which includes a section to indicate your name and primary phone number on the registration form.

A new client can be referred by only one existing Progenics client.  The waived storage fee for one year will be added to the new client’s existing storage plan. After the new client’s baby’s cord blood has been successfully banked, the referrer will be sent a receipt as confirmation for the waived storage fee for one year (approximately three months after the new client’s baby is born).

Contact us for more details!

Venngo WorkPerks

Progenics have teamed up with Venngo WorkPerks to offer special savings.

This promotion cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers.Please check with your employer to see if you qualify!

Promotion is applicable for first time registrations only.

Contact us for more details!

Are You a First Responder?

We would like to show our appreciation for your service to our communities. Bank your baby’s cord blood sample at a special price.

Promotion is applicable for first time registrations and returning clients and cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional offers.

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