Collection kit

Take a look inside our  Collection Kit!

Progenics’ cord blood collection kit contains all the supplies your healthcare provider will need for the collection of your baby’s cord blood.

1. Cooling Pack

The cooling pack is included in the collection kit for temperature control.

2. Sterile ChloraPrep® Applicator

The applicators are used to disinfect the cord prior to cord blood and cord tissue collection.

3. Cord Blood Collection Details and Tamper Evident Seal

Cord blood collection details will be recorded on the identification label. The tamper evident seal will be secured on the collection kit for transportation to Progenics Laboratory.

4. Sterile Cord Blood Collection Bag

We use Pall cord blood collection bags which have completed an extensive sterilization process by the manufacturer. It is made safe and convenient for all cord blood collections by healthcare professionals. The bag is Health Canada, FDA and CE marked under the Medical Devices Directive for the collection of cord blood.

5. 6mL Tubes

Maternal blood samples are collected for testing to detect potential infectious disease transmission via transplantation of cord blood units.

6. Collection Instruction, and Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Collection Record

Detailed instructions are included for reference. Collection information will be recorded on the Cord Blood & Cord Tissue Collection Record.

7. Collection Kit (Local)

Progenics uses professional grade cases to transport samples locally, providing the highest level of protection during transit from hospitals back to the laboratory.

8. LogTag (Temperature Log)

A LogTag is included to continuously monitor the temperature in your collection kit.

9. Cord Tissue Specimen Container

A segment of umbilical cord tissue is collected and sealed in a sterile Specimen container.

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