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About Progenics

Progenics is a Health Canada & FDA registered and AABB accredited facility with experience in processing cord blood for successful transplantation. Our laboratory is dedicated to the processing and cryopreservation of human umbilical cord blood stem cells. Our laboratory facility is designed with many safeguards against possible human error, equipment malfunction  and power failures. We have the most technologically advanced laboratory equipment and a laboratory staff of highly qualified professionals. Progenics has established a unique facility to bank cord blood stem cells for future transplantation.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality processing and long-term safe, secure storage of cord blood stem cells, to ensure their availability to you should you need them.

- Piera Shuen, CEO and President

Since the summer of 2004, Progenics has banked over 21,000 cord blood samples. Our average recovery rate of total nucleated cells (TNC) for ALL banked cord blood samples is 98% and 14.6 x106/mL, which is 20% higher than other results that have been published in scientific and medical journals. At Progenics, the processing failure rate is defined as a yield that is less than 85% and the chance of obtaining a yield less than 85%, is <0.1% (1 sample per 1000 samples processed), which is hundreds of times lower than other published results.



About Our Quality Guarantee

To prove the quality of our service, Progenics guarantees the quality of banked cells by issuing a certificate with a quality guarantee and processing results with the most important quality indicators. You will, therefore, know the processing quality right after your baby’s cord blood is banked and you do not have to wait until it is used.  If the quality of the cord blood after processing is not superior (yield of TNC is <85%), then your cord blood banking will be absolutely free, including 20 years of free storage. To our knowledge, this guarantee is the only one of its kind worldwide.

Our laboratory provides the highest quality service. This is supported by the results published in a scientific journal for comparison with other published results.  For details, please read Yang H. et al. Factors affecting banking quality of umbilical cord blood for transplantation. Transfusion 2011; 51:284-292.

A second factor for quality is the preparedness of the cord blood bank to deal with unexpected interruptions during cooling. Progenics has recently published a peer reviewed article in Transfusion (Yang H. et al. Effects of interruptions of controlled-rate freezing on the viability of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Transfusion (2015) 55:70-78).

If quality is not important, then there are many banks to choose from. However, if you would like to choose the cord blood bank that provides the highest quality worldwide, then Progenics is the only choice. Progenics provides the highest quality in cord blood banking with results and reference to scientific journals. We further guarantee that if the quality of banking does not meet our standards, then your cord blood banking service will be free.